Why Metal Seed Storage is best if one want to secure Cryptocurrency key?


Cryptocurrency has emerged to be the most popular investment in financial world. Although they exist for over a decade now, but the market has boomed and gained popularity after 2017. And it is believed to become more widely acknowledged by traders, expanding its worth. With this has emerged a need to protect the Crypto Private Keys. You need to keep your Private keys safe and secure to access your Crypto Wallet for trading Cryptocurrency. The most trusted remains the Metal Wallet for Crypto Key, a Metal Seed Storage Device.

Why you need to secure your crypto private keys?

When you buy cryptocurrency you hear people asking you to “Keep your crypto private keys safe”. There are a lot of cases where people lose all their investment to cybercrime, hacking, malicious activities, theft. Also the private keys can be misplaced. So whoever gets the access to your private keys has access to your funds.

“With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”. As this quote suggests with owning crypto keys comes great power and wealth, but with this also comes the need to secure and protect your crypto keys. So to avoid losing all your wealth you need to secure your crypto private keys?

Why Metal Seed Storage?

The Private key (also known as Mnemonic Phrase and Seed Plate) is accessed through a 12–24-word Seed Phrase. It’s like a Master Key to your house. Even if you lose all your room keys, this master key can still unlock all the rooms. This seed phrase serves as a Crypto Private Key, the only way to access your Cryptocurrency and so needs to be stored secured. There are various ways available in market for securing your seed phrase. But are they safe?

  • When secured in a Piece of Paper, you may keep your seed phrase stored with writing it in a piece of paper. And what if the ink vanishes, damaged by fire or water, or even worse you lose the paper or it gets stolen in future when you want to access your seed phrase. Think yourself, how many paper notes you lose often? You yourself know now how safe your seed phrase will be. Your saving worth dollars will be just gone.
  • When secured in The Cloud, backing up your seed phrase digitally and storing in Cloud could be the worst storage ever. There is 0% security in storing your seed in Cloud.
  • When secured in Encrypted local drive or USB, there is high risk of loss by theft or misplacement or even hardware failure is a big risk. Also this can be hard to protect from natural disaster.

And many other ways are available as well, but they all come with a lot of risks and you definitely can’t afford to lose even a penny of your hard work. And here comes the Metal Wallet or Metal Seed Storage Device that provides you 100% safety and security of your Seed Phrase.

What Metal Seed Provide?

Using metal seed storage is a highly secure way to store and backup your seed phrase simply by affixing your 12-24 word Seed Phrase in the stainless steel metal and is free from 3rd Party Interference. Steel Wallets are corrosion resistant to natural disasters and physical threat.

Metal Wallet offers a great security than writing seed phrase on piece of paper or from breaching. Plus the best thing is they are highly durable and you don’t have to replace them for a long period of time.

Here are some reasons that justify why Metal Wallets are the best:

  1. Offline Wallet: Metal Wallets are completely offline products and are safe from online hacking, 3rd party involvement, cybercrimes, hardware failure.
  2. Durability: They are highly durable and can be usede for generations to secure your Cryptocurrency.
  3. Resistance: They are Fire-resistance, Water-resistance, Corrosion Resistance, Load and Stress Resistance.

Why Hodlrock’s Rock96?

Rock96 can be used as a metal seed storage device, which is based on the BIP-39 proposal. Rock96 is fireproof, corrosion-resistant. With a successful load and stress test at 20 Ton, it can handle heavy falls. And most importantly in these times, it is tamper-proof from your beloved pets.

Crpto Steel Wallet - Rock96Rock96 - Crypto key storageMetal Seed Storage Device



Rock96 is manufactured with a high-end mechanical engineering process of etching that engraves the stainless steel 304 with premium finishing and ease to use.  Our features are:

  1. Corrosion Resistant: To ensure the integrity of rock96 in an event of a flood or Tsunami, a rigorous Corrosion Test was performed for 72 hours. This test was successful.
  2. Fire Resistant: Stainless steel 304 is used to manufacture rock96. Rock96 is rated to sustain exposure at 1093°C. That is 500 °C almost 100 percent more than a normal house fire. This is a snapshot of one of our rock96 after the burn after some time.
  3. Load & Stress Resistant: To ensure that an earthquake or if your object falls from the tallest building in the world, rock96 remains still safe, we performed a test under 200 KN of Load without observing relevant damages.
  4. BIP-0039: Rock96 is designed to meet the BIP-39 mnemonic seed phrase, which is currently an industry standard for all the metal seed wallets.
  5. PET Proof: Even your beloved cat, dog, or tiger can’t tamper it makes it not just tamper-proof but also pet-proof.
hodlrock Logo - Rock96 - Metal Wallet
hodlrock Logo – Rock96 – Metal Wallet


Other Benefits:

On top of this, you can have an ability to store 2 different wallets if both of that wallets private keys are 12 words each, as rock96 comes with an ability to store 24 words not just on one of its plate but rather 2 separately but in a package, as it provides 2 plates consisting 12 words each. As an added benefit, the product is super easy to use and easy to punch. There is also an extra space provided on the plate to assist you with practicing the punch before you actually start to punch and/or can also be used for engraving any added information that you want to store along with your recovery key. Which makes it flexible in knowing for which wallet you are actually saving your keys.

While other manufacturers charge you extra for an automatic center puncher, Hodlrock provide it along with your Rock96 so that you don’t have to go through any trouble when starting to use it. Your product would come in a full package with which you wouldn’t have to bear any added costs for any other materials required to use it. Along with this, we have also inculcated an extra security feature in our plates via which you can lock them. To make it tamper-proof from anyone trying to access your keys.

With immensely growing market and the need to secure Seed Phrase we have crafted very trustworthy Metal Seed Storage Device. It is free from 3rd party intervention and with ease to use product to help clients secure and store their seed phrase with complete certainty.



As we stated earlier, your Seed Phrase is the key to secure your Cryptocurrency. And it’s security is the most important thing you should focus us. With us we promise to provide you effortless service with our Rock96 product. In conclusion, it is a solution to all your Metal Seed security problems. We take your Seed Phrase security to another level with our entrusted product. Be sure before choosing your security wallet. Your Security is our Priority.