rock96 is manufactured with a high-end mechanical engineering process of etching that engraves the stainless steel 304 with premium finishing and ease to use. How it functions!


Fire Resistant
Stainless steel 304 is used to manufacture rock96. rock96 is rated to sustain exposure at 1093°C. That is 500 °C almost 100 percent more than a normal house fire. This is a snapshot of one of our rock96 after the burn after some time.

Load & Stress Resistant
To ensure that an earthquake or if your object falls from the tallest building in the world, rock96 remains still safe, we performed a test under 200 KN of Load without observing relevant damages.

Corrosion Resistant
To ensure the integrity of rock96 in an event of a flood or Tsunami, a rigorous Corrosion Test was performed for 72 hours. This test was successful.


rock96 is designed to meet the BIP-39 mnemonic seed phrase, which is currently an industry standard for all digital wallets.


PET Proof
Even your beloved cat, dog, or tiger can’t tamper it makes it not just tamper-proof but also pet-proof.