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rock96 is crafted by stainless steel grade SS304 to seed seamless security for digital wallets. It is an ultimate BIP-0039 backup wallet

rock96 is designed specifically to permanently save your seed phrase physically that can be exposed digitally and liable for significant loss to you at multiple levels. These seed phrases are also known as recovery or private keys and are related to a wallet that is being generated when storing a specific digital asset or digital wallets.

rock96 also can act as a depository consisting of secured word phrases. The design of this product enables this feature efficiently. If there is an incident where certain or all elements of the recovery key are exposed, or there is an unknown and unexpected issue with the wallet storing the digital assets, then through stored private keys on rock96 it may be used to either restore the digital asset wallet or transfer the value of the individual from the previous wallet to new or different wallet. Making sure the digital value stored in the ‘x’ wallet can easily be accessed through this backup on the ‘y’ wallet.

In other words, rock96 can be used as an ultimate skeleton key to get back your assets for generations as it is water, fire, shock & tamper-proof as well with being corrosion resistant. rock96 is capable of consisting, 12-24 seed phrases, as it comes with 2 independent plates. rock96 has the ability to store recovery keys based on BIP-0039 mnemonic and an independent string of letters and words additionally.









88 reviews for Rock96

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    This is best product to for Steel Wallet Crypto. amazing and strong wallet.

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