About Hodlrock

Our Story

With living in digital age today, the world is moving its value and assets also digitally, and this increases the need for its security, protection & preservation. To address this need, at Hodlrock we researched to see if there was a product that could help us secure digital assets with a minimal, smart and non-perishable solution. We realized that there was no availability of such a product in the country.

The product which were near to our needs were not in the frames of our vision.

Hence, we got to the grips of this by manufacturing the product ‘rock96’ with a vision to last for generations. As engineers our idea was to be minimalistic to not only make the product extremely reliable physically, but also simple to use practically for each of our customers.

When we where discussing how minimal or easy it should be to use and yet be extremely reliable, the joke was “it should be so easy that my cat can also use it” As our vision to create this product is not only to secure the digital assets for generations but also to create a community.

Why Choose rock96?

Rock96 can be used as metal seed storage device, which is based on the BIP-39 proposal. rock96 is fireproof, corrosion-resistant. With a successful load and stress test at 20 Ton, it can handle heavy falls, and most importantly in these times, it is tamper-proof from your beloved pets.

Crpto Steel Wallet - Rock96

On top of this, you can have an ability to store 2 different wallets if both of that wallets private keys are 12 words each, as rock96 comes with an ability to store 24 words not just on one of its plate but rather 2 separately but in a package, as it provides 2 plates consisting 12 words each. As an added benefit, the product is super easy to use and easy to punch. There is also an extra space provided on the plate to assist you with practicing the punch before you actually start to punch and/or can also be used for engraving any added information that you want to store along with your recovery key. Which makes it flexible in knowing for which wallet you are actually saving your keys.

While other manufacturers charge you extra for an automatic center puncher, we provide it along with your rock96 so that you don’t have to go through any trouble when starting to use it. Your product would come in a full package with which you wouldn’t have to bear any added costs for any other materials required to use it. Along with this, we have also inculcated an extra security feature in our plates via which you can lock them. To make it tamper-proof from anyone trying to access your keys.

Above all, you choose us because at Hodlrock we believe that digital wallets is the future and everyone should have financial freedom.