How it functions

How Rock96 Functions


Rock96 is easy to use and merely following these 4 steps, you can store and protect your recovery phrase keys for extremely long time without it getting tampered.

Step 1:

With a non-permanent marker pen, place a dot (.) corresponding to the first 4 letters of each word in your seed phrase.

For example if your seed phrase is ‘december’, then you mark the letters *d-e-c-e* on the respective grid.

The numerical order is indicated by the numbers displayed on the top row of your rock96. On each rock96 maximum of 12 seed phrase can be stored.

Step 2:

Double check each letter you have marked as it’s very important to avoid any mistakes.

Note: A scale can be beneficial to be used to not have mistakes.

Step 3:

Now take automatic center punch provided with the rock96 to punch in the holes at each marking that you have already made.

Note: Before starting to punch your private keys, to check whether or not the punch is working, you can use the empty space provided at the end (below) of rock96 plate as a trial spot to punch your mark in as part of check and practice.

How to punch? Place the punch on top of the marking and hold pressure down on it firmly. You will hear a clicking sound and a release will be made by the spring in the punch. That is your indicator of successfully punching mark into the rock96.

Note: If you are not satisfied with the punched hole in the first go, you can re-punch it multiple times in the same spot using your automatic punch until you are pleased with the result.

Step 4:

Wipe off the markings with a damp cloth to clean the Rock96 and if it is still rough, you can use rubbing alcohol or alcohol based disinfectant to smooth-en the edges of the punched holes.