India's #1 Metal Seed Storage Device

Secure your digital assets with a minimal, smart and non-perishable Metal Seed Storage Solution.

Hodlrock presents a metal seed storage device that stores your hardware & software wallets mnemonic seed phrase on stainless steel for generations.

At Hodlrock, our aim is to safeguard your cryptocurrency in the safest way possible through our Metal Crypto Wallet. With Rock96 your Mnemonic phrase is safe and protected providing you financial freedom.

The product is super easy to use and easy to punch.  By simply following 4 steps you can safeguard your crypto worth thousand dollars. Our Metal Seed Storage Solution is completely under your control and free from 3rd Party intervention.

Engrave and store your private keys for generation. A permanent backup for your crypto seed phrase through our metal crypto wallet.


Fire Resistant

Stainless steel 304 is used to manufacture rock96. rock96 is rated to sustain exposure at 1093°C, that is 500°C, almost 100 percent more than normal house fire.

Load & Stress Resistant

To ensure that in earthquake or if your object falls down from tallest building in the world, rock96 remains still safe, we performed test under 200 KN of gradual load without observing relevant damages.

Corrosion Resistant

To ensure integrity of rock96 in event of floods or Tsunami, a rigorous Corrosion Test was performed for 72 hours. This test was successful.


rock96 is design to meet the BIP-39 mnemonic seed phrase, which is an industry standard for bitcoin wallets.

PET Proof

Even your beloved cat, dog, or tiger can't tamper it makes it not just tamper proof but also pet proof.

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