Which 10 crypto currency are best to invest in 2021?

Cryptocurrency has gained a huge popularity over the last decade. All over the world people are choosing cryptocurrency investment because of high ROI.

Top 10 cryptocurrency

A cryptocurrency or crypto is a digital or virtual currency decentralised by a public network and secured by cryptography based on block chain technology. It is designed to work as a medium of exchange, investment and payment in the form of ‘tokens’ or ‘coins’. Crypto is a secure way of transforming money from one digital wallet owner to another without physical financial institutions and banks. In addition It is an alternative to fiat currency.

As cryptocurrency is continuing to gain popularity, the more and more options are being available in the market. There are more than 5000 cryptocurrencies available in the market right now. With such huge number to choose from it becomes difficult for investors to choose the best one. Here we come with the list to solve this problem.

Take a look at the Top 10 Cryptocurrencies that are worth investing in :



bitcoin cryptocurrency - Metal Wallet

Bitcoin is the world’s 1st  Original  Cryptocurrency. A developer pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto founded IT in 2009.  Bitcoin has been dominating the market since its existence. Whether its price rises or fall, we can not deny the fact that Bitcoin will still dominate the market.  It is one of the most highly traded cryptocurrency. Many business even accept Bitcoin as payment, which tops the reasons why you should invest in Bitcoin.

As of 3rd May, 2021 Bitcoin accounts for more than $1 trillion market capital. Bitcoins alone accounts for almost 40% of the cryptocurrency market. It continues to be on top in terms of market capital, popularity and user base.

  • Well established and popular
  • Widely supported
  • Transparent and anonymous



ethereum cryptocurrency - Metal Wallet

The second-biggest cryptocurrency Ethereum, founded in 2014 is a decentralized, open-source, blockchain software platform with Smart Contracts and Decentralized Applications(DApps).  Ethereum is also a programming language that help developers build and run distributed applications.Though it came very later, but still has more value than many other crypto’s. And considering its unique features. it is the most promising cryptocurrency.

As of 3rd May, 2021 Ethereum accounts for about $380.83 billion market capital. On 3 May, 2021 Ethereum has reached an all-time high price record and has crossed the $3000 mark in its history.

  • Easy accessibility for retail traders
  • Valuation is on the rise



tether cryptocurrency - Metal Wallet

Tether, launched in 2014 is the third most widely held coin by value.Tether is a stable coin, block-chain based cryptocurrency that aims to keep cryptocurrency valuations stable. It is secured against US Dollar. For each Tether unit, there is 1 Dollar in the Federal Reserve Bank.  Also it is the largest stable coin right now in market.

As of 3rd May, 2021 Tether accounts for almost $52.04 billion market capital. And hence for investors who want to transact with their cryptocurrency, Tether crypto is a great option.

  • Provides liquidity
  • Offers widely recognized token



litecoin cryptocurrency - Metal Wallet

Litecoin, launched in 2011 by Charlie Lee, is an open-source worldwide payment network. A cryptocurrency that adopted some of the best features of Bitcoin with some changes, can be called a lite version of Bitcoin. “Silver to Bitcoin’s gold” is an another name of Litecoin. But unlike Bitcoin crypto it is very cheaper, easy to keep up, does not require specialized hardware to function and offers quick transaction speed.

As of 3rd May, 2021 Litecoin accounts for almost $18.87 billion market capital.  It is best if you are looking for speedy transactions.

  • Rapid transaction speed
  • Great Reputation



cardano cryptocurrency - Metal Wallet

Cardano, launched in 2017 is a cryptocurrency block-chain based network and an open source platform.  Charles Hoskinson, one of the five founding members of Ethereum, started working on Cardano in 2015 and launched it in 2017. Cardano offers smart contract functionality which allows investors to create their own decentralized applications. Though Cardano is still in its early stages and has a long way to go.

As of 3rd May, 2021 Cardano accounts for almost $43.35 billion market capital.  Cardano’s open-source block chain is peer-reviewed by scientists. It has become one of the most exciting crypto in the world.

  • Growing Popularity
  • Internal cryptocurrency token ADA



chainlink cryptocurrency - Metal wallet

Chainlink, founded in 2014, is not only a cryptocurrency but also a decentralized oracle network (DOC) that builds a chain between the Ethereum’s smart contracts and the real world or external source data, payment systems and APIs. It is known as an Ethereum token. Every oracle in the chainlink network is incentivized to provide accurate data as a reputation score is assigned to each oracle.

As of 3rd May, 2021 Chainlink accounts for almost $17.59 billion market capital.  Chainlink is considered a solid investment and it’s price is expected to rise in coming years.

  • Highly Reliable
  • Efficient security system for users



bitcoin cash cryptocurrency - Metal Wallet

Bitcoin Cash, created in2017, is a fork of Bitcoin. The main aim of Bitcoin cash is to provide larger block size than Bitcoin. Furthermore, enabling storing of more transactions in a single block. Original Bitcoin has a block storage of 1 MB of data whereas Bitcoin Cash has a hold of upto 8 MB of data. Moreover it allows faster and frequent transactions with low fees. Though Bitcoin Cash is new and less popular than Bitcoin however it has a great growth potential.

Since October 2020 Bitcoin Cash is breaking all time highs every month and therefore is one of the most competitive crypto. As of 3rd May, 2021 Bitcoin Cash accounts for almost $18.81 billion market capital.

  • Highly stable
  • Fast and secure transactions



ripple cryptocurrency - Metal Wallet

Ripple, released in 2012, is not just a cryptocurrency but also a Digital Payment Network for financial transactions. It was created as an alternative for Financial payment system. With attention to facilitate and transform international transactions and payments. Ripple labs created XRP as a payment token that can be used in decentralized payment system. It is more safe and instant payment.

As of 3rd May, 2021 Ripple accounts for almost $70.59 billion market capital.  Currently Ripple blockchain is adopted by more than 400 providers across 40 countries.

  • Faster international transactions
  • Secure and transparent



Polkadot cryptocurrency - Metal Wallet

Polkadot, founded in 2016 by Gavin Wood, Co-founder of Ethereum. It is a relatively new currency but gaining huge popularity. Polkadot currency aims to provide blockchain interoperability and links permissioned and permissionless blockchains and oracles. Thus enabling systems to communicate under one roof. This crypto provides a network where individual blockchains can share information. Additionally, It has several lanes to complete the transactions.

As of 3rd May, 2021 Polkadot accounts for almost $34.82 billion market capital. To summarize Polkadot aims to develop creating and interfacing decentralized applications, utilities, and associations simpler.

  • Limitless Scalability
  • Open and adaptable consensus mechanism



monero cryptocurrency - Metal Wallet

Monero, launched in 2014, is an open-source, privacy-oriented cryptocurrency.  It is a great option for those who prioritize privacy..Because it make transactions completely untraceable, providing 100% security and privacy. Monero uses cryptography to hide address and values of transactions. This crypto uses a privacy technology to distinguish itself from others known as Ring Signatures.  It uses a proof of work census mechanism to secure transactions.

As of 3rd May, 2021 Monero accounts for almost $7.30 billion market capital. All things considered, Montero is also known to be a great investment tool.

  • Untraceable transactions
  • Superior mining algorithm used



So these were the top 10 cryptocurrencies that are worst investing in 2021. In conclusion no doubt cryptocurrency is going to rule for a long time now. In short depending on your requirements and wants you can choose the one suits you the best. To sum up here are some factors that you can keep in mind while selecting the best crypto are :

  • Transaction speed
  • Your purpose – Long term investment or Regular transactions
  • Fees involved in transactions
  • Security and easily accessible

Be cautious before investing.